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New Foreclosures available in Panama

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Foreclosed properties for sale in Panama


Foreclosed properties for sale


Foreclosures a great opportunity to obtain the property you are looking for for a good price, real foreclosures are sold in Panama by the courthouses all over the country. Every single one of them is sold by means of public auction on a specific date and courtroom.

If you are thinking, I am not from Panama, can I bid on these properties? The answer is yes you can, you need to have a legal passport and need to be in Panama legally. 

Other than this you need to have access to the money you are going to offer because once you win the auction you will have a short period of time to complete the payment, usually between 3 and 5 working days.

In th ee image you can see the foreclosures published on August 21st, many more are made public every week.


If you have interest on this type of properties, find them all at:  Panamaforeclosure.com




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