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Repossession Condominium in Panama being auctioned

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Auction Date September 5th
Base Price $145,712.14
Auction Location Panama City
Bids Start at 2/3 of base price
Property Location Bella Vista, Panama
Property type Condominium
Size  Not specified

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ForeClosure Panama

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 If buying property for a good price in Panama is your goal, you are definitely in the right place.

We are a site specialized in providing to its subscribers up to date information on what and where,  foreclosed properties are being auctioned out by the different courtrooms of Panama.

This information is usually only available to Panamanians and Spanish speaking people that live in Panama but now we are making it available for you.

Search thru our date base, find what properties are of interest to you and go bid on them.

 You will be provided with all the information the auctioneer made available to us such as property ID number, where and when the  auction will take place, location of property (province), price and how to participate. With this information you or your attorney could research the property.

Subscribe now, go to the section  <SIGN UP> to find out about our introduction fees.

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